How to join the Consortium

In order to join the AS.MA.VE. consortium, the applicant must be an industrial, craft or commercial enterprise with a production unit in the province of Verona, as indicated in the articles of association.

ADMISSION ART. 4 - The number of members is unlimited. The Consortium shall be open to industrial, artisan and commercial enterprises with production units in the province of Verona, operating in the marble, granite, stone, agglomerate and derived products processing sector, as well as enterprises producing materials and services inherent to the aforesaid activities and guaranteeing full reliability and professional correctness. Admission to the Consortium shall be made upon written application by the interested party, addressed to the Board of Directors, in which the applicant shall declare that he is fully aware of the provisions of the present contract, the internal regulations and the resolutions already adopted by the Consortium's bodies and that he accepts them in their entirety. The Board of Directors shall deliberate on the application for admission and the favourable vote of the majority of the members shall be required for acceptance. The resolution rejecting the application for admission cannot be appealed.

An eligible applicant must submit an application by filling in the Membership Application and the Associate Data Sheet.

The application will be examined by the Board of Directors and, if it is accepted, it allows you to join AS.MA.VE. as a member after payment of the membership fee.

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